No slogan needed; just look at our woodwork.

We are not just woodworkers but artists too.

Like some artists, we create according to our own ideas, none of our creations are custom for our customers. Each piece created has a designated asking price in mind.

We also allow leasing of pieces that are over $1000 in asking price for a monthly fee of 10% of that full price. Homeowners can lease some of our woodwork for the purpose of home staging either for selling their house or hosting an AirBNB. If monthly payments exceed the asking price, it does NOT indicate a sale as the homeowner has only agreed on the lease and must buy it at full price if they want to keep it.

If a homeowner is selling their home while leasing our woodwork, they will earn a 25% commission on our piece if the buyer also buys it. In the event that the buyer doesn’t want to buy the woodwork along with the house, we will collect our piece of woodwork.

The homeowner must agree to our terms and conditions via signed contract before anything happens between them and our creations.

If you are interested in what you see here on our website please contact me by email and make sure it includes your contact information in the message and I will get back to you with our own contact info. Thanks.