No slogan needed; just look at our woodwork.


Based in a small flower-shop sized building: the gallery at 1595 Bowen Rd is where we build our woodwork and display 45% of our creations. We build small low-end pieces and more expensive high-end pieces according to our ideas. Unfortunately our gallery is too small for our creations so we are willing to display our woodwork all over Nanaimo until they find their happy buyers, only locations that:

-Is open to the public eye.

-doesn’t charge us rent or commissions of any kind.

-doesn’t negotiate deals with us unless they are leases.

-Has locks on all doors to prevent theft.

-And doesn’t object to our prices.

Woodwork is an underrated art form and our goal is to make it that much more popular in Nanaimo. In the future: we will be working with and helping our friends (who are also carpentry artists) sell their woodwork at prices and commission rates of their choosing.